Esmeralda was born in the Mokra area, a very rural region of Pogradec. She had a very painful and sad childhood in the village, where from an early age she experienced not only poverty and hunger, but also the loss of her mother. Still a child, Esmeralda had to take care of her younger siblings, one of whom suffered from muscular dystrophy. Soon after, their family of 8 moved to Pogradec where Nehemiah Gateway Albania, through its social project, found them and started helping them with humanitarian help, therapy, warm meals and a lot more. Both of her sisters also received scholarships from kindergarten to high school at Shkolla NEHEMIA.

Since 2006, Esmeralda has been receiving various services at our social project in Buçimas, like showers, warm meals, social and medical care etc..

She is also part of every event that our social care project organizes, and this helps her make more friends and to be part of a community that shares care and love. We see that her life has changed for the better and hope that this will stay for a long time in her daily routine.

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