The small country of Albania stood up against the persecution of Jews in the Third Reich.

In war-torn Albania during the Second World War, an unusual alliance was formed against Nazi Germany. The government refused to cooperate in the persecution of the Jews and ordinary Albanians risked their lives to protect over 2000 Jewish refugees. For many Jews, Albania was an important point on the escape route and after the Second World War more than twice as many Jews lived there as before. A powerful testimony to the resilience and humanity of the Albanian people in the face of darkness.

On February 24, visitors to the NG Forum in Nuremberg were able to watch an exciting short film on this topic, embedded in the presentation of the project "Wir erinnern! 3.0" - The third generation tells" by the Berlin organization OASA (Organization of Albanian Students and Alumni).

NG Advisory Board member Bernd Borchardt (former ambassador) supplemented the personal reports with impressive results of his intensive research on this topic in countless archives in Germany and countries in Southeast Europe.

The film and other fascinating interviews with contemporary witnesses can be viewed online at