Board of Partners

The NGS Board of Partners coordinates the work of the NG Team and is responsible for the overall strategy. 

Helmut Hauser


Arnold Geiger

NGS Managing Director 

Gerd Seitz

Tax and legal consultant

Kai Uellendahl 

Business Consultant

Leadership NG Team

Arnold Geiger

NGS - Managing Director 

Herolinda Shkullaku

NG Albania - Executive Director 

Michelle Mann

NG USA - Executive Director

Kai Uellendahl

Global Finance, NG Switzerland -  Executive Director

Arlinda Merdani

Global Operations 

Albana Demiraj

Quality Management 

Eliverta Goetz

Compliance Manager

Samuel Geiger 

Global Marketing

Members of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the management with regard to content orientation. The Advisory Board works as a team of advisors and is committed to the welfare of the organization. Members are experts from various areas of society and fields of expertise, with varying professional experience, ensuring a broad and professionally profound support of the organization.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulli Arnold

Professor and lecturer

Dr. Jonathan Daniel

Bank executive

Jürgen Feldmeier, R.A.

Legal consultant

Roman Fertinger

Police commissioner ret.

Dr. Andreas Metzger


Prof. Dr. Manfred Spreng


Prof. Dr. Goran Rafajlovski

Professor and lecturer

Johannes Selle

Member of the German Parliament (ret.)

Prof. Dr. Harald Seubert

Philosopher, professor and lecturer

Bernd Borchardt

Ambassador (ret.)