Making history with people


This is the story of Arnold Geiger, his family, and many friends and helpers. It is a success story of many donors, volunteers, institutions and co-workers. A story that shows what can be achieved when clear targets are laid down and approached with commitment and enthusiasm while at the same time setting the right priorities.


It began in the late 80s…

reisen.jpgwith Arnold Geiger’s first trips to Russia, Romania, Turkey, Iran, and to the Iraqi refugees of the First Gulf War as well as Albania, followed by many trips to different African states.
He was confronted with hardship and misery throughout all the trips and relief operations in the various countries and areas. Missing any structures in the various locations, people had no chance to build a humane and dignified future for themselves.




At the beginning of the 90s…N-P PG 2A-web.jpg

Albania was suddenly an 'open' country. Arnold Geiger was among the first groups bringing relief to a country that had been tightly closed to the outside for decades. He encountered bitter poverty, hunger, and disorientation.

He quickly saw that relief aid distribution was not enough. People need hope, opportunity, and role models. 




Thus, in 1991…fam-geiger.jpg

encouraged by the help of friends and the support of the 'mother organization' Nehemia in Germany, the Geiger family decided to leave their secure home in Germany and move to Albania. They followed a principle that has defined their lives. The desire to help stems from their Christian beliefs and the overflow of gratitude out of their own life´s situation. They want to support people to build up their own lives in dignity, with sustainability, and be able to take personal responsibility for their future.



Up to 1997…suppenkueche.jpg

many needed projects were implemented throughout several parts of Albania, such as soup kitchens, repair shops, outpatient clinics, etc. The development was in very good progress. But then, anarchy took over Albania’s society after the uprisings caused by the breakdown of several financial pyramid schemes.



Violence, unrests, and riots…

refugees_kosovo.jpgmarked the year 1997, when nearly all projects of Nehemia were destroyed. But Arnold Geiger and his team remained in the country encouraged by the people who shared the Nehemia values even during the uprisings, and very soon, they played a decisive role when the Kosovo refugee crisis emerged in 1999: in cooperation with the government, the UNHCR, and other international organizations, NG took care of almost 3,000 refugees.



Since then, the work has grown…

Aerztliche Untersuchung-web.jpgThere is therapeutic care for children with special needs, there are soup kitchens, social services, daycare centers for poor children, and educational institutions from kindergarten to university, whose graduates are now successfully involved in many countries around the world. We are working with partners in three continents. One key success factor lies in the qualified local staff which is motivated to live the NG values, to be a role model, and to positively impact their country in the long term. Competent international advisors from all areas of society, such as politics, economy, medicine, culture, and science accompany us. 



Our ambition is to provide even more people with perspectives on their lives. We do not want people to be dependent on the alms of the Western world, but we want them to recognize and foster their own strengths, and then use them to create sustainable structures. Helping others to help themselves is the goal. Our next step is helping people in Latin America and Africa, whether as refugees or in their individual home countries …