Giving back with grace

Lazaron (Lazi) was born and raised in Pogradec. He is also a Shkolla NEHEMIA alumnus. Lazi holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering along with a Master of Science in Construction Management from New York University. He is now living and working in New York City.

Dr. Jorgji Jajçari Academic Excellence Scholarship was founded in 2018 by Lazaron and Lori, his cousin, to honor the legacy of their late grandfather, Dr. Jorgji Jajçari. He was one of the first doctors and a very important scholar in the Korça region.

The scholarship allows a high-school student to place greater focus on academic studies by reducing the financial burden of tuition, books and other related costs.

If there is one thing worth investing in, it is providing education to the right people. We believe in the power of ordinary people who need someone to believe in them in order to turn them extraordinary. We are here to support the present, so it can build a great future.

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