Buçimas, Albania

Social and medical care in Albania

The welfare net in the former communist countries is porous and especially the elderly, people with disabilities and marginalized groups often do not get the needed assistance to improve their situation, to live in dignity or, in certain cases, even to survive.

That is why in Albania NG social workers, nurses and caregivers look after people in need. 

Social visiting services regularly visit needy people in their homes, often far away in secluded mountain villages. They bring clothes, food, firewood and daily necessities. Where necessary, practical domestic help and care are provided, as well as assistance with medical appointments and visits to the authorities. Medical care and physiotherapy are also included. 

Patients are treated at the outpatient clinic in Bucimas.


  • Ensure the provision of basic care
  • Create dignified living conditions




  • Medical support for a family: 95 €/year
  • Clothing and food packages for one family:
    160 €/year
  • Also, volunteers (social workers, doctors, nurses) are wanted to help practically on site.