"We support the work of Nehemiah Gateway, because by staying in personal contact with people in Albania we see the efficiency of the projects with our own eyes. Nehemiah Gateway stands for high standards of education and social work offered to all people in bigger cities as well as in the rural regions. 

Nehemiah Gateway brings people from various countries and backgrounds together. Therefore, they create a frame for common learning and lively dialogue. We are inspired by the Nehemiah Gateway honest, thoughtful and courageous commitment based on the Christian values."

Charlotte Beck, Founder and CEO of Beck International Recruitment GmbH


"I’ve been supporting Nehemiah Gateway for years because I prefer investing in people rather than things. The first that is always taken into consideration is the actual needs of people, which is followed by implementation into practice – that is the successful concept which is applied at all the stages of education: from kindergarten and different kinds of schools to university.

It provides transparency for the donors and gives a clear direction towards a self-sustained life for the recipients of help in their countries of origin. I really like to be able to support Nehemiah Gateway not only financially but also practically with help in various areas with my own competencies. Results show these valuable investments and it is a great joy to me!"

Barbara von Schnurbein


"At Nehemiah Gateway you know where your support is going. All staff members are engaged, diligently working and the results are visible worldwide. Every investment is worth it."

Andrea and Gian Paul Ardüser


"Two members of our church have visited the school in Albania. They reported that the work there is done very effectively. Moreover, it’s important for us that the children are helped practically."

Norbert Ossendorf, Christengemeinde Elim Stralsund


"When I first came in contact with Nehemiah Gateway a couple of years ago, I was profoundly appealed by their mission statement, as I am engaged in my profession to coach people during their personal crises to form their lives self-governed and proactively. Out of my longtime professional experience, I know that only this approach helps to encourage sustainable change in themselves and in their social surroundings. This is why it is a concern for me to continue to support Nehemiah Gateway actively to fulfill their mission. I wish great success to all staff members and the organization as a whole!"

Helma Ziegler, Systemic Therapie, Consultancy & Coaching


"My visits to the kindergartens and schools in Albania convinced me of the excellent work of Nehemiah Gateway. People with heart and competence are engaged to improve the opportunities for education for children. This is very important to me as an educator and this is the reason why I really like supporting Nehemiah Gateway!"

Rita Ajas, Educator 


"When we met Arnold Geiger, the founder of Nehemiah Gateway, personally a couple of years ago, it was obvious for us that we would support this organization. 

The mission „Helping and empowering people to sustainably shape and determine their lives in dignity and independence" is in our opinion fully implemented. It all started in Albania with a truck loaded with humanitarian supplies from Germany. The support is provided to socially disadvantaged and needy people, especially children, who get an education and basic knowledge of hygiene and healthy nutrition, which enables them to have a better future."

Dr. Dieter and Erna Weimann


" The Austrian author Ernst Ferstl wrote: 'As long as humanity unites us, it doesn't matter what separates us.' 
... and because there is hardly any better model of practiced humanity than Nehemiah Gateway, I am more than happy to donate!"

Dr. Frank Sinning, surgeon, emergency doctor - and human being