A living testimony 

Witnes never knew her parents - her mother died when she was only three days old. After her father was imprisoned, her father's relatives wanted to kill her, because they did not want to take care of the young girl. Witnes grew up with her grandmother, her mother's mother, who tried everything to provide a good home for her. But with her low income, she was struggling every day and often did not know how to put food on the table or how to pay for Witnes' education.

Eventually, her grandmother heard of the organization "Tanzania Orphans Mission" (T.O.M.) and asked if they could take Witnes into their orphans center. T.O.M. invited Witnes to become part of the project, where she now has a stable home, gets a good education, regular meals, medical services and everything she needs to grow up and develop safely and in peace. Witnes says: "I am one of the lucky pupils to be here and for this I am happy and I have cried with tears of joy."

Witnes is part of the NG-partner-project T.O.M. in Tanzania. After recieving her training as a tailor, she now works as one at T.O.M project and also helps with the children in the kindergarten. 

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