Life is not easy for children from the Roma community. In Albania, they belong to a disadvantaged minority, having to fight prejudices from childhood on, and live in great poverty. They often have little chance to ever lead a successful, self-determined life. 

This is where the Amaro Tan program comes in, which is much more than a school. For over one hundred children, it is a refuge that offers protection, care, and above all a good school education. The children come from Roma and Balkan Egyptian background, but also destitute Albanian families. The program is tailored to their needs. There is a kindergarten and school through 9th grade, school meals, dental care, a hygiene program, family counseling, after-school activities like sewing- or crafts-courses, and programs that enable Amaro Tan pupils to pursue higher education. 

A few times a year, the children are sent home with food packages containing some essentials that will last around two weeks, depending on the family. 

The aim of Amaro Tan is to provide a safe environment away from trafficking or abuse, to further expand the educational possibilities of these children, and to improve social and medical aid. 

After finishing the 9th grade, some of the graduates enter high school like Paola, others begin vocational training and a few – after high school – have even made the leap to NG University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in “Economy and Businesses.”