From receiving to giving

When Egla was six years old she was diagnosed with a heart problem, which was a big challenge for her and her family. At the time, the financial and social conditions of her family were not good, and as a result they could not afford a surgical procedure. Nehemiah Gateway Albania helped her with a surgical procedure in Switzerland and ever since Egla has been healthy. By now 26 years have passed for Egla and her family since those challenging times.

Egla was part of the Nehemiah Gateway Albania team as a nurse in our medical clinic in Buçimas for several years, but now she lives in Italy where she is also married. She is really thankful for everything that NG Al has done for her throughout the years and now she wants to give that back to the community.

During her daily routine, Egla was confronted with many challenging situations and often sad, but she always tried changing that through her service by giving as much hope and support as she could.

Her biggest dream and wish is to give back to people in need all that she has received over the course of many years from Nehemiah Gateway.

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