Pogradec, Albania

Amaro Tan - a school for the less fortunate in Albania


Life is not easy for children from the Roma community. In Albania, they belong to a disadvantaged minority, have to fight prejudices from childhood on, and live in great poverty. They have little chance to ever lead a successful, self-determined life. 

This is where the Amaro Tan project comes in. For about 140 children, it is a refuge that offers protection, care, and above all a good school education. The children come from Roma and Balkan Egyptian background, but also destitute Albanian families. The program is tailored to their needs. There is a kindergarten and school up to 9th grade, school meals, dental care, a hygiene program, family counseling, after-school activities like sewing- or crafts-courses, and programs that enable Amaro Tan pupils to pursue higher education.

After finishing the 9th grade, some of the graduates entered high school, others began vocational training and a few finally made the leap to NG University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in "Economy and Businesses".


What we want to achieve

  • Safe protection from child trafficking and abuse
  • Further expansion of education possibilities 
  • Improved social and medical aid
  • Guidance and support for every child during subsequent attendance of secondary schools, studies or vocational training


What we need

  • Cost for one child per year: 2,200 € 
  • Food packages for families: 25 € each
  • Volunteers in all areas (teaching, administration, medical examinations, social work, etc.)