Galijembe Village, Tanzania

Secondary education for orphans in Tanzania


Orphans have very limited opportunities in Tanzania to build a successful, self-determined life. Public support programs are insufficient and extended family often lack the resources to feed another hungry mouth. In the orphans’ village of NG partner organization „Tanzania Orphans Mission“ (T.O.M.) in the mountainous region of Mbeya in southwest Tanzania, 77 orphans and children with special needs have found a new home. T.O.M. provides a protected, stable and loving environment for them to grow up in. The children live together in small family-like groups, where they can develop social skills and their individual personalities. Since 2017, T.O.M. operates its own primary school to ensure quality education. The organization also runs a small agricultural project, where the children can get involved and learn about farming and nutrition.

The founders of this project are a family from Greece, who built the center with great commitment, largely by personal contribution and with the support of volunteers. T.O.M. is financed mainly by donations and sponsorships.

NG supported over 19 children from this project, by enabling them to attend a secondary school. For two orphans, NG covered the costs for vocational training. NG also helped through the application for public funding in Germany (BMZ).In January 2022, the project was taken over by AMG International.

If you want to stay in contact with the project, you have the possibility to support individual children through sponsorships.

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