Frequently Asked Questions


In the following, we have collected answers to frequently asked questions.

Questions on donations

How can I support Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH?

You can support us with a donation of finances, humanitarian charities or your time and energy. We are very grateful for all kinds of donations and express our gratitude also in proxy for those who receive your support. 

You can donate via our donation form: Donate here

Donate via your online banking:

Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH

IBAN: DE52 760 50 10100 11777711 

Sparkasse Nürnberg


When do I receive my donation receipt? 

As a one-time donor you receive your donation receipt in the following month. As a regular donor we will send you your donation receipt in January of the following year. 


Why did I receive a 1 Cent donation from Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH?

In order to finish your donation receipt we need your address. Via the 1 Cent transfer we are able to get in contact with you through the bank and keep your data protected. You do not need to re-transfer the 1 Cent amount. 


How can I stop my regular donation?

If you want to cancel your regular donation, please send us an email with your request to:


How do I donate from a foreign bank account?

The donation procedure within the EU works the same way as within Germany. You need to have your IBAN and BIC number. If your donation from abroad exceeds 12.500 €, we would ask you to inform us beforehand so we can notify our bank. Donations from non EU-countries can be done as well by giving your IBAN and BIC number. 


How safe are online donations?

The complete donation procedure is done via an encrypted SSL-connection. Our website is licensed/ monitored via XXX. Thus your online donation is as secure as online banking. 


Who controls the usage of donations within Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH?

Budgeting and financial planing is carried out in close cooperation with NG Services gGmbH, which, as sole shareholder, also holds the supervisory function and grants a major part of the financial funds generated through the management of own assets. 


How can I change my address / contact details?

You can reach us via phone +49 (0)911 60009960 or email to inform us about a change in your address. Alternatively, contact us here. 


Are there partner organizations in other countries?

Yes, Nehemiah Gateway works with partner organizations in the following countries: Uganda (Cornerstone Development), Tanzania (Tanzania Orphans Mission), Ethiopia (Full Gospel Believers Church), South Sudan (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Africa, Yei), Spille, Albania (Swiss Foundation for Innovation).

Can I become a sustaining member at Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH?

Unfortunately, there are no opportunities to become a sustaining member at the moment. If this status changes, we will give you an update on our website. 


Is there a possibility to visit Nehemiah Gateways projects abroad?

Once in a while we give the opportunity to visit our projects abroad. If you are interested in such a project visit, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Does Nehemiah Gateway accept donations from political parties and enterprises? 

Within the framework of a cooperation- and sponsoring contract, Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH does accept donations from political parties and enterprises as long as the guidance and values of the contract partner matches ours. 

We do not accept donations from enterprises working in the area of armament, tobacco, commodity industry, erotic, gambling and alcohol industry. 


Questions on your own fundraising campaigns


Could I start my own fundraising campaign for Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH?

Yes, we are very grateful for everyone wanting to support us with their own fundraising campaign. 


How does it work?

You have the following possibilities:

1)    You can use our cause-related donation tool to set up your own small campaign. The link that is created can be forwarded to your supporters. The barometer gives you the current status of donations. You will find more information here.

2)    We can send you free information material with which you can start your own fundraiser. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact: or +49 (0)911 60009960.


Who receives a donation receipt?

Your supporters can receive a donation receipt for their donation. To complete the donation receipt, we need name and address of the donor and the amount of the donation. As an initiator of the fundraising campaign we cannot write an additional donation receipt for you, except you donate a certain amount yourself. 


Where do I find more information on your website?

You will find more information on our website here. 


Questions on your donation receipt


Can I claim a donation receipt of Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH as tax deductible?

Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH is approved in Germany as charitable. At the end of the month in which you donated or in January of the following year you receive a donation receipt for your donation to submit to the tax office. For regular monthly donations, we send the donation receipt at the beginning of the susequent year. Please do not forget to state your address for this purpose.


What do I need to do, if I did not receive my donation receipt?

Please contact us in case you have not received your donation receipt: +49 (0)911 60009960 or We will be happy to help you.


Can I receive a donation form for the previous years?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact our accountant at