NG offers 3 different types of scholarships to support young people to access higher education at Nehemiah Gateway University in Bucimas, Albania.

Amaro Tan scholarship 

The Amaro Tan Scholarship is named after NG’s Amaro Tan Project in Pogradec, Albania. Amaro Tan means “our place” in the Romani language, reflecting the project’s identity as a place where children from marginalized communities find a place which is more than just a school. 

The Amaro Tan Scholarship honors this principle of help for self-help. Students from Amaro Tan, Nehemia School, and NG’s international partner organizations in East Africa, Latin America, and Southeastern Europe are eligible to apply for support to study at Nehemiah Gateway University, where they gain the tools and skills they need to help and empower people to sustainably shape and determine their lives in dignity and independence.

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"Mitrush Kuteli" Scholarship 

The Mitrush Kuteli Scholarship honors Mitrush Kuteli, the esteemed Albanian writer, economist, and native son of Pogradec. It is awarded to students from Pogradec and other parts of Albania who aspire to follow in the footsteps of Kuteli in the fields of economics and community capacity building. 

Mitrush Kuteli, born September 13, 1907, in Pogradec, is considered one of Albania’s greatest writers, a master stylist of the Albanian language who drew upon the traditions of Albanian folklore and was a respected translator and literary critic. As both writer and economist, Kuteli served his country in countless ways, from preparing Albania’s first financial laws to helping build the foundations of  Albanian literature. 
To honor our roots in Pogradec, and to inspire a new generation of Albanian leaders, Nehemiah Gateway is thrilled to give the name of Mitrush Kuteli to a scholarship at our university. 

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The NG Start-up Scholarship

The NG Start-up Scholarship supports young entrepreneurs, who have an initial business idea and are willing to or in the processing of preparing to launch their business. The aim of the scholarship is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and professional training required to establish and manage their own business.  

This scholarship is the progression of the business@school program, where 2nd year high school students awaken their entrepreneurial spirits through the process of developing their own realistic business idea as part of a team, after a thorough analysis of the current international and local market.

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  •  Educating young talents to benefit their home communities
  •  Empowering people to become self-sustainable


  • 150 € per month to cover 50% tuition fees for Albanian students.
  • 300 € per month to cover 100% tuition fees for Albanian/international students.
  • 8.300 € for full scholarships to international students per year to cover tuition, food, housing, insurance and travel
  • Every donation for this project, however big or small, helps our students.