Lusiana is the oldest daughter of Fatos, one of our co-workers at the facility project in Buçimas. She studied at Shkolla NEHEMIA since kindergarten and graduated as an excellent student. Lusiana is a very persistent girl with great willpower, she is the oldest child in her family and she is a great help for her younger siblings and her stay-at-home mother.

Her family income is not that big, but for Lusiana this is not an obstacle, on the contrary, she has shown that with good work and great will you can achieve a lot.

Lusiana graduated from Shkolla NEHEMIA and her desire was to study architecture. Now she is following her dream in Germany where she is studying further. During her time at Shkolla NEHEMIA she was part of the Nehemiah Gateway Albania Marketing team as an apprentice. During that time she was responsible for all publications of the school and also the publication of the Shkolla NEHEMIA newspaper. Together with her younger brother, they were also part of the Royal Rangers project at Nehemiah Gateway Albania.

Lusiana's future has just started to shape, but what is important is her serving heart and her great desire to contribute to her community so other young people, like her, build and shape their life in dignity and independence.

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