Kejsida is the oldest child in the family, fruit of a previous marriage of their mother, Pranvera. Although she is still a child herself, that does not limit her from devoting herself to caring for her younger siblings.

Her family does not have a secure income, because none of her parents work. They get by only with a small amount of social help from the City Hall of Gjirokastra.

They live in a rented space, nonfunctional and in very bad conditions. “We are seven people in one small room, and we have a small space for our clothes. The roof leaks and the walls are full of mold,” Kejsida tells us.

Our Local Center in Gjirokastra supports Kejsida and her family every day with a warm meal from the soup kitchen project, and also family packages which contain food and clothes for the whole family.

“Now I feel safer and also happier that we at least have a guaranteed daily warm meal, even our mom is not so stressed anymore. I would love to live in a house with no mold, have my own room full of nice clothes and food,” Kejsida says.

Every day she tries not to cause problems for her family, she is polite and tries to be a good student at school. Kejsida's dream is to become a teacher so she can help others learn.

Kejsida likes to play an imagination game, in which she is wearing her favorite pants and shirt and goes to a huge park full of toys and enjoys her day.

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