Buçimas, Albania

German language courses and more ...

in cooperation with Beck International Recruitment

The lack of opportunities for many school graduates in Albania gave us the idea for a unique project: together with Beck International Recruitment, NG launched a training program in Albania with the aim of offering young people a perspective for their future and place them in regular vocational training places in Germany in the field of nursing and geriatric nursing.

To give applicants the necessary basic qualifications for an apprenticeship in Germany, they attend a preparatory course at the NG University in Buçimas. NG offers German courses, while Beck International Recruitment contributes seminars and workshops on how to prepare for a job application. The goal is to attain the language certificate B2 as a minimum requirement, impart intercultural knowledge, expand competencies and train application skills. The courses are open for young Albanians from the community.

Subsequently, contacts with companies in Germany are established and Beck International Reruitment accompanies the candidates not only during the application process but in case of employment also during their entire vocational training time in Germany.