Pogradec, Albania

Sewing courses and more ...

In addition to the normal school lessons, the Amaro Tan project offers various afternoon courses, where students can discover and develop their individual skills and acquire additional knowledge. This helps them to experience a feeling of self-efficacy and get to know their creativity and productivity. At the same time, they can gain first experiences regarding future vocational training possibilities and are offered a safe place, where they can spend time after school.

Besides music and woodcraft courses, pupils can take part in sewing courses. The courses have existed for 15 years now and are very well-received. All courses are voluntary and free of charge.

Amaro Tan also offers 6-month intensive tailoring courses for adult women from the community for a one-time payment of 3000 Lek (approx. 29€), which can be completed with a state-approved certificate. With this certificate, the women have a very good chance of getting a job in one of the textile companies located in Pogradec.

This way they can generate their own legal income including social security benefits.