GlowbalAct - Jobs and social support for victims of modern slavery

In partnership with glowbalact (Switzerland) and kitepride (Israel)

GlowbalAct, a non-profit association based in Switzerland, is committed to fighting human trafficking and sexual exploitation, especially through educational work and unbureaucratic, sustainable help for victims. In 2014, the social enterprise KitePride was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, to create secure jobs for people who have left the sex industry, victims of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, forced prostitution or modern slavery. In KitePride’s small production studio in Tel Aviv/Israel they produce fashionable bags and accessories from discharged kitesurfing kites. They experience a working environment that responds to their needs: teamwork, the opportunity to learn again, to be reliable, concentrated and independent, and at the same time to having space to work through problems and traumas. Here they also receive social and legal support and prepare themselves for the 'normal' job market.

Maayan is the social worker at KitePride. A part of her salary is financed by NG. She takes care of all concerns of the employees and is the link to authorities and protection institutions from where the affected people are placed. As soon as the people are ready for a regular working life, they are placed in suitable positions. In addition to the financial commitment, NG supports GlowbalAct/KitePride in the development of their social enterprise. This also involves such tangible issues as logistics, market positioning and distribution channels.

The organization is currently developing a rehabilitation and work integration program together with the Israeli Ministry of Labor, in which the state co-finances jobs. In this way, KitePride will be able to offer training and work to even more people in the future.