Corporate Identity

In search of a name and suitable symbol for our organization we investigated the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament. This book describes the efforts of a great leader of the People of Israel.

Nehemiah led his people out of captivity and back to Jerusalem,
established a social system,
gave them back their identity
and reconstructed the city walls of Jerusalem.

The „Gateways“ were of immense importance and played a decisive role. They were the key to the success during reconstruction. Later, within these same gates, important decisions were made daily. The gateway allowed entrance to the city, and at the same time protected the inhabitants against their enemies.

Our name and logo, NEHEMIAH GATEWAY, evolved from the name of this spiritual and inspiring leader, Nehemiah, and his strategy with the „key symbol“ for the restoration of Jerusalem.

A logo which abstractly illustrates these „Gateways“.
A gateway that opens, invites in and shows the way to a whole
new dimension of life.

A gateway of hope.
A gateway to a better and more sustainable life.
A gateway to the light that inspires us to think, to dream
and to plan.
A gateway to life.