16.08.14 |1 Migiru Gutanee, Ethiopia
Investment in the future of Ethiopia



Nehemiah Gateway would like to support the villagers of the Fincha region (by their own account 1947 inhabitants) in Ethiopia with the construction of their school. To run it sustainably, the necessary human and financial resources must be provided. For that, a support plan with several levels has been created.


First of all, the erection of a local electricity grid began to supply the village with electricity. A further step is planned with the assistance in the construction of a well for potable water. Parallel potential leaders in the population will be identified to give them the chance of a scholarship at the Nehemiah Gateway University. They will continue to develop the plans for the construction of the school while studying the bachelor course "Economy & Businesses " and then implement it themselves.


This is a pilot project for us in which the local government and the leaders of the village are included together with different donors and a local church to build a sustainable long term project. The experience gained from this project will then be used to implement other projects of this nature elsewhere in Ethiopia.



  • Support of the local Power Supply Companies
  • Construction of a well
  • Construction of school buildings
  • Promote the training of future leaders of the region Fincha by scholarships for a "Business & Economics" course at the Nehemiah Gateway University in Albania.


  • Financial resources for the construction of the well and the electricity grid
  • Financial resources for the construction of the school grounds
  • Financial resources for the award of scholarships

Project executing organization

  • Full Gospel Believers Church
  • Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH

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