13.07.15 |1 Buçimas, Albania
Traffic training for children in Albania




Many people lose their lives in traffic accidents in Albania every year, the country ranks 8 of 46 in the statistics of road casualties in Europe. The most vulnerable, like pedestrians, cyclists and children, are most endangered. Children and young people must train their awareness of dangers, learn safety rules and practise appropriate behavior in road traffic – the best way to achieve long-term changes.



Nehemiah Gateway Albania built an exemplary traffic practise circuit on the Bucimas campus. There is an intersection, road signs, traffic lights and a roundabout in mini-format where children can playfully practise how to watch out in traffic while riding bicycles or pedal cars. The time-tested concept comes from the traffic school in the administrative district of Weilheim-Schongau as well as the police of Weilheim/Germany.


Not only Nehemiah Gateway’s own pupils and students receive intensive training, but also classes from public schools in the district and remote mountain villages. Nehemiah Gateway has trained staff who coordinate and lead the courses. Each school year about 600 children take part in the teaching program (2014/15).



  • Transport for classes from public schools
  • Maintenance and repair of vehicles  
  • Training material, safety vests for the pupils
  • Personnel costs

Project executing organization

  • Nehemiah Gateway Albania
  • Nehemiah Gateway Services gGmbH

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