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Swiss Foundation SFI »



“Swiss Foundation for Innovation (SFI)” is one of our strongest partners in the area of first and medical aid in Albania. Every year, a professional simulation of emergency situations is conducted to further train local emergency staff. 

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Notfallmedizin Fürth e.V. (AGNF) »

AGNF is an established education center for emergency medical aid and rescue service. It is specialized in the development and implementation of training measures in the areas of emergency medicine, rescue service as well as hazard prevention control. Currently, N.G. co-operates with AGNF and SFI in Albania.


Referring to the statement in the preamble of the German Constitution „responsibility before God and man“, the Foundation connects political and economic players in order to advocate collaboration, especially in conflict areas. Due to the many international contacts, the Foundation has already implemented several conjoint projects with humanitarian organizations and public institutions.

Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) »

FSM was established in August 2010 with the purpose inter alia to provide temporary shelter and support services to asylum-seekers and persons with international protection on the island of Malta.

Christian Police Fellowship »

The Christian Police Fellowship Association Germany („Christliche Polizeivereinigung Deutschland e.V.“) is an interdenominational association of policewomen and policemen in Germany.

St. Luke's Hospital »

St. Luke’s, a private medical clinic, was founded in 1975 and has 253 beds. In October 2013, the hospital signed an official cooperation agreement with Nehemiah Gateway to implement common medical aid projects as well as to organize conferences, seminars, etc.

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