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NG Staff


Albana Demiraj, M.A.
Head of Quality Management & International Relations


Located in: Nuremberg, Germany


Arlinda Merdani, M.A.
Head of Global Operations

Located in: Nuremberg and Berlin, Germany


Eliverta Götz, M.A.
Head of Global Controlling and Reporting


- on parental leave -
Located in: Nuremberg, Germany


Karola Tremel
Head of Facility Management


Located in: Hubmersberg/Pommelsbrunn, Germany


Markus Drotleff
Project Manager & Consultant Tanzania


Positioniert in: Tanzania


Nicole Schmidt, B.A.
Head of Accounting and Global Budgeting


Located in: Nuremberg, Germany


Samuel Geiger
Head of Global IT


Located in: Nuremberg, Buçimas/Albania


Vanessa Machowetz, B.A.
Head of Office Berlin


Located in: Berlin, Germany

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