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24.05.18 | Nuremberg, Germany
How we use your personal data

Digitization brings an immense increase in data available for organizations. The new EU data protection regulation (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) comes into effect in Germany on 25 May 2018, altering primarily our duty of data documentation. As a nonprofit organization we are obliged to state the way how we acquire, record, save and delete your data. Read here how Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH handles your data for communication.  


Basics concerning our use and storage of your e-mail address

We put an increasing emphasis on digital communication. This helps us to keep you up to date any time while saving expense and time.

·      Newsletters are only sent with your explicit consent. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

·      If you gave us your e-mail address without subscription to our newsletter, we’ll use it to communicate with you individually, saying thanks or informing you about selected events in your region. 

·       We record data about our communication in a database. This includes information on e-mails, calls, letters, mailing of publications, donations and other information you shared with us voluntarily. We observe the principle of data economy. Your data will be handled and processed in Germany. 


Newsletter recipients

·      If you have signed on for our newsletter, you’ll receive special information regarding the efficiency of your donation in the form of a newsletter, six times a year. The newsletter includes information on the current international project work as well as on information campaigns in Germany. 


Donors: e-mail and postal addresses

·      2-3 times a year we’ll ask you for a special donation for a selected project, either digitally and/or per mail (if you gave us your postal address)

·      As a one-time welcome we’ll send you further information about our work and various projects 

·      Once a year you’ll receive our letter of thanks with a review about the preceding year.


Donors: phone (cellphone and landline)

If you gave us your telephone details, we’ll call you once a year, inquiring about your satisfaction with our work. Your reply helps us to learn and to improve continuously


If you have questions or suggestions - let us know! We’ll be happy to hear from you! 


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