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3.08.18 | Juliet & Days for Girls

Juliet Akwango’s passion and academic interest developed very early in her studies: She wanted to help school girls in Uganda, who are forced to stay at home during their menstruation. Due to the lack of sanitary materials, attending school is humiliating for them. Thus, they miss out on important parts of their education. Juliet also wrote her Bachelor thesis about this topic. When she graduated from N.G. University in December 2017 and returned home to Uganda, she soon volunteered at the international organization “Days for Girls”, that produces re-usable sanitary pads and sells them to businesses, organizations or individuals, in order to enable girls and women to attend school or work during the time of their menstruation. Their slogan: "Reaching Every Girl, Everywhere, Period!"

Proving her competencies and talents to the organization, Juliet now works as the Communication Coordinator for the enterprise program of the Ugandan branch of “Days for Girls”.

The organization also offers trainings on the usage and maintenance of their products, on reproductive health and on basic entrepreneurship for women who want to produce menstrual kits themselves and become a franchise-partner.

Juliet is responsible for all communication with potential partners or donors for enterprises in Africa, Asia and South America and she oversees the enterprise registration process for "Days for Girls"' franchises.

We are very happy and proud that Juliet can put the knowledge she gained in her studies to such a great use.

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