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28.11.19 | Tirana, Albania
Earthquake in Albania!

There was a severe earthquake in western Albania with numerous deaths and injuries!


We are grateful that NG is not directly affected, but our partners and friends in the area all the more. We help and, of course, forward all donations immediately and without deductions. 


Ueli and Dora Dietrich and their team at the Nehemia Foundation in Durres take care of impacted community members and families. They help where they can and accommodate families who have lost their homes.

(Donations for: Earthquake Aid Durres)


Christian Vögeli and his SFI and ERA teams are on duty around the clock. ERA ambulances rescue and care for injured people and various relief operations are launched.  Urgently needed are bandages and trauma material.

(Donations for: Earthquake Aid SFI) 


We have known our partners for a long time and know: they make sure that your help really arrives! Thanks for all donations - online here or to the Nehemiah Gateway Services donation account: IBAN: DE52 760 50 10100 11777711


Our sincerest thanks to every donor and supporter!



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