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23.09.16 | Agios Nikolaos Greece
Floods and Storms in Greece

On September 9th a severe storm passed over the Mani region in Greece – the place where Nehemiah Gateway and the Friends of Mani Colmberg have been providing assistance for years. Towns and settlements have been flooded, cars washed away and four people lost their life. 


The monks of the Metamorphosis monastery and the volunteers of the local charity GAIA worked day and night in order to rescue people and clean up the damage. However, GAIA was affected, too, and needs help. Their premises and warehouse were flooded; valuable machinery was destroyed. Pumps and equipment are broken due to non-stop use over many days. The school for handicapped children, supported by Nehemiah Gateway, was flooded, too, and the tragic situation of many affected families adds to the general misery. There is not much help to be expected by the crisis ridden state, therefore the people need our support urgently. The Friends of the Mani in Colmberg are waiting in the wings to help.


We are grateful for any support and financial contributions.


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