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4.04.14 | Kalamata Greece, Network, Social Help, Medical Help
Support for Greek School

Together with the Member of Parliament Johannes Selle (CDU), a delegation from Nehemiah Gateway visited the institutions in Greece that we have been supporting for some time. These include a special school for disabled children and a clinic for people who can no longer afford to pay for health insurance or whose health insurance companies have gone bankrupt. "The extreme austerity measures that have been imposed on Greece have not helped. But they have hit the citizens very hard. Many Greeks are now doing two jobs to keep their families afloat. Many still cannot manage and are in the process of losing the last of their human dignity." These words from Dr. Tassos Poulopoulos, head of the outpatient clinic where volunteer doctors and nurses help out, are heart-wrenching.


The special school is also struggling to keep its head above water. It was lacking about 2000 euros to finish equipping a space for autistic children. We were able to cover these costs and thus take a big load off the shoulders of headmaster Manolis Konstantaros. In the future, the children will, for example, be given drawing lessons by idealists like the icon painter Susanne Mourdoukouta and can also pursue other creative activities.


More info here. (Newspaper article in the "Deutschsprachige Griechenlandzeitung", published on 24/03/2014).

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