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10.11.16 | Doloi Greece
Building Freeze – Monastery Asking for Help

Crisis in Greece: people are increasingly in need – not only in a material way, but also spiritually. The monks of the Metamorphosis Monastery have been registering a steadily growing number of churchgoers. Since long their small chapel has become too small for all the faithful who are looking for more than divine comfort. It came as a miraculous coincidence that a local couple offered to donate a new church building in remembrance of their daughter whom they lost in a tragic accident. 


Groundbreaking took place in August and the work proceeded quickly. The walls are built, the roof is waiting to be put on, workers are planning for extra shifts in order to finish it before the winter rains ... 


... and then it came as a cold shower just before the first rain: Work stopped! The donors informed the monastery that they were no longer able to finance the last construction phase. The last phase –the roof, windows and doors – means an additional cost of approximately 20, 000 Euros.


So, what can be done? The monks need all regular donations for the needy in the area. “Hoping for a miracle” says Father Gabriel, abbot of the Metamorphosis monastery. He recounts: “We have experienced lots of miracles since the outbreak of the crisis, among them the great and untiring helpfulness of the Friends of Mani in Colmberg/Germany and of Nehemiah Gateway in Nuremberg, who have been supporting the monastery for six years.” 


We are happy to give you the chance to support this project. Our donations account: 

Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH
IBAN: DE66 7605 0101 0011 0409 38
Purpose: Project 6300 


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