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26.01.15 | Kalamata Greece
Thank you for the help provided!

In a long letter, Father Gabriel, abbot of the monastery Metamorphosis in Kalamata, Greece, thanked the Mani-friends from Colmberg for their support.


With the help of many people they sent two shipments with food, clothes and money donations for poor families in Mani – an area in the south of the Greek peninsula Peloponnese.


„Christmas is a time of deeply felt joy“ as was stated in the letter from Father Gabriel which arrived a few days ago in Colmberg. “We here in Mani, were indeed able to experience this joy thanks to you dear people of Colmberg. Thanks to your donations, the children had warm winter clothes, and for the first time in years, they were able to enjoy real toys”.


The help will be continued in the new year. The next project is the badly needed hall for the voluntary fire brigade in Mani. The vehicles are out in the open as is the ambulance and the power generator. “That is a real risk for stand-by duty in the earthquake prone area”, as Hans Stamminger, project supervisor, describes the current situation in the community Westmani.


Nehemiah Gateway, which supported the administrative work of the Colmberg initiative, would like to thank the main customs office Nuremberg. It donated twenty decommissioned computers and monitors for the secondary school in the community of Westmani. Currently there are only three computers for all the pupils which poses a great restriction on learning. The customs office is changing over to more powerful computers and the equipment for the secondary school in Westmani is a great blessing.


You can read more about the help provided as well as our friends in Colmberg and Mani in our press reports here »



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