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4.11.13 | Kalamata Greece, Germany, Social Help, Medical Help
A Unimog for Greece

As part of a small celebration on October 26, a well restored Unimog and a generator from Gut Dietlhofen were handed over to the voluntary fire brigade GAIA. This means a huge improvement in mobility and service possibilities for the helpers who are working tirelessly around Kalamata. Accordingly, the gratitude and emotion of these hardworking people were enormous.


The voluntary fire brigade GAIA not only deals with fires, but is involved in many sectors of the community. It is actively involved in environmental protection, civil protection and is well-established as emergency assistance for poor and sick people. They even take on the responsibility of saving injured animals.


Although the response team mostly consists of locals, GAIA is dependent on friends from abroad. You are cordially invited to take a look at the events taking place there:


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