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10.02.14 | Colmberg Germany, Greece, Social Help, Medical Help, Network
More packages for Greece

"The response to the newspaper article is overwhelming," says Hans Stamminger, who along with his friends and his wife organized the relief effort for Greece for the monks of the monastery of Metamorphosis in Doloi, Kalamata. The article appeared in the Fränkische Landeszeitung on February 6 and called on readers to put care packages together with much needed content such as daily necessities, clothing, food and to deliver them to Mr. Stamminger. About fifty families, some a long way away, contacted the organizer and so gave the people of Greece a little piece of hope.


But this is far from being enough to provide the many poor and sick people with the basic necessities. Well-preserved clothing for babies and children, dishes, pots as well as school supplies including exercise books, pens and school bags are still urgently needed. Incontinence material for the nursing home as well as dressing material will be gratefully accepted.


The volunteer fire brigade GAIA takes care of the people, animals and the environment in the region and needs all kinds of tools, ranging from screws, power tools and large tents and sleeping bags for relief operations to compressors to carry out their support and help operations. This coming Saturday, 15th February, Hans Stamminger opens his doors for a second time to accept more care packets.


We support Mr. Stamminger’s relief program as we pass on private financial donations 100 % to the project (purpose : Greece 2178 ) and we cover our administration costs ourselves. For donation receipts, we require your postal address.


Click here for the article (Fränkische Landeszeitung, February 6) and here for another one (February 10, both in German only).

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