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11.02.19 | Pogradec, Albania
A small gesture with big effect

They took the initiative: 5th grade students decided to put into practice the values they learn about in their Amaro Tan school. They organized a visit to see Nevruz, a former visitor to the Amaro Tan soup kitchen who now lives in a nursing home. Although they often do not have the most necessary things to live for themselves, the children collected money for small gifts: fruit juice, cake and some clothes. Twelve pupils, accompanied by their teacher, the headmaster and the social worker, made their way to Korça to the senior residence of the Kenedi Foundation. 


Nevruz was already waiting for them impatiently. When they arrived, his eyes filled with tears. He was overwhelmed when he saw the many shiny faces of the children he knew so well. Of course, Nevruz also asked how the other visitors to the soup kitchen were, and he heard all the news. In the end, everyone felt very happy about this reunion - and about putting values like love, compassion and respect into action.

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