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South Sudan

South Sudan – one of the youngest states in the world – is faced with immense structural challenges since its independence in July 2011. In particular, the fields of education and medicine urgently need competent guidance as well as advice in order to sustainably and positively establish the nation, which is now led by former freedom fighters.


In 2011, a group of delegates and Nehemiah Gateway staff traveled to the city of Yei and met with the “Evangelical Presbyterian Church” (EPC). EPC runs projects in the areas of education, spiritual support, medical and social work. More than 1,000 patients are seen in the clinic in Yei every year with some of them traveling on foot for hours.


Nehemiah Gateway financed a much-needed antenatal clinic. Moreover, scholarships for three coworkers of EPC to study at Nehemiah Gateway University were granted in order to invest in the leaders of tomorrow. 


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