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Our projects focus on the following countries:



  • Kalamata »
    For the projects in Kalamata, we pass on all donations from Germany without deduction of administrative costs 



  • Nuremberg »
    International Headquarters 
  • Berlin »
    In January 2012, NEHEMIAH GATEWAY opened an office at the Pariser Platz in Berlin,Germany.



  • Buçimas »
    The National and Local Centers of Nehemiah Gateway Albania at Lake Ohrid consists of eight buildings which are used by many projects.
  • Gjirokastër »
    Gjirokastër, one of the oldest cities in Albania, is situated in the South of the country.
  • Peshkëpi »
    The ancient village of Peshkëpi is located about 30 minutes from Bucimas, close to the border of Macedonia
  • Pogradec »
    Pogradec is situated at Lake Ohrid in the South-East of Albania and is one of the most thriving destinations for tourism in the country.




  • Migiru Gutanee »
    Nehemiah Gateway developed a multi level development plan for the electrification of the village


  • Mexico City »
    Since 2013, we have a partnership with "Programa Nino de la Calle", an aid organization for street children.

South Sudan


  • Yei »
    Cooperation with the "Evangelical Presbyterian Church" in the areas of education and medical aid.



  • Mbeja »
    Orphans cared for by the Tanzania Orphans Mission (TOM) get the chance to attend school.



Nehemiah Gateway USA serves donors and supporters in North and Latin America.

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