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Thousands of children live in the streets of Mexico’s capital, Mexico City (about 25 million residents). They are exploited by organized crime gangs who send them out to beg on the streets. So often, these children become victims of prostitution and drugs, leaving them with hardly any chance of survival.

The non-profit organization “Programa Prosigue” is committed to rescuing them from this slavery. Apart from education programs, food and shelter, the organization provides pastoral and therapeutic care for the children.

To date, the project has been supported by the organization “World Vision”. However, for a secured future, strong financial partners are needed now. Nehemiah Gateway is supporting potential leaders who shall manage the projects of Programa Prosigue in the future. One student received a scholarship for the B.A. program "Economy and Businesses" at Nehemiah Gateway University in Albania. He started his studies in October 2015.


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Programa Prosigue
Soledad Solórzano Mz 48 Lt 5 Col. Carmen Serdán,
Coyoacán México D.F.
Phone: +52 (55) 55 88 40 01 or +52 (55) 55 88 03 29
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Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH
Kontumazgarten 3
90429 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 911 6000 9960
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