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In cooperation with our project partners, the monastery “Metamorphosis” in Doloi, we want to help counteract the devastating consequences of the economic crisis in the city of Kalamata (region of Peloponnese). 


Greece, in particular, has been affected strongly by the European economic and financial crisis. In order to avoid national bankruptcy, the state has been implementing various cost cuts.

The people living in the south of the Peloponnese region, have always been disadvantaged economically due to the natural environment and the climate. As a result of the cost cuts, especially families with children, as well as the elderly, sick and the handicapped have been hardest hit. 

Medical services (consultations, medicine and hospital stays), even with health insurance, are only provided if a considerable amount of personal funds is contributed, creating an obstacle difficult to overcome by the majority of people.

Many families can’t afford daily basics such as food, heating, and clothes anymore. A significant improvement of the situation within the next few years can hardly be expected.


We are supporting:

  • Families in need with food and convenience goods
  • The self-help association „GAIA“ (volunteer fire department, emergency rescue service, environmental and animal protection, distribution of relief aid) with vehicles, aid shipments and the construction of a multifunctional hall

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