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Stefanie Renker

Senior Manager Fundraising & Events




With an endowment paying all Nehemiah Gateway administrative expenses, 100% of every donation made to the organization goes to a specific project or program with no administrative fee deducted. 


For our international aid-network to grow and to see capacity-building change in the lives of many more people in need, we need your support as partners and donors. 


As a German not-for-profit public charity, your donation of any amount to Nehemiah Gateway is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Nehemiah Gateway will issue you a contribution receipt latest at the beginning of the following calendar year. Please, make sure to include your postal address.


For donations in the USA, please visit our USA website: »


Do you want to support a special project? You can contribute once or through recurring donations. We will make sure that your gift will be used 100% for the designated purpose. On the rare occasion that a donation is made for a project that is overfunded or completed, your donation will be applied to a similar, urgent project making sure of help where most needed. In particular cases, if possible, we’ll contact you personally.


General donations to Nehemiah Gateway gGmbH programs and projects represent a contribution to the entire global mission of Nehemiah Gateway and may be used where most needed.


If you have questions or comments in regard to how we operate or handle your gifts, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions: finance(at) »

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